PlainForum is here!

After a few months of hard work we're proud to present PlainForum!!!

About the stack

All the backend was developed in RoR with a pinch of JavaScript and the apps were created entirely with Ionic 2. This is how the website looks:

PlainForum Screens

The product is released as a beta and we still have to polish some rough edges, but it's certainly here and ready to use. This is the official marketing speech (in case you were wondering!):

PlainForum is the ultimate Events Creation Tool and it keeps your schedule organized and your keynotes on track.

If you want to take it for a spin:

You can download it here for iOS and Android.

Post your comment with your feature request and we'll take it from there.

Ariel Presa

Night owl. Free spirit. Computer geek. Film lover. Bedroom DJ. Spider hater. Sports enthusiast.

Buenos Aires

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