AI & Machine Learning in Ruby on Rails

The last couple of weeks I been trying to understand the basic concepts of Classification, Clustering and Image Recognition but somehow all the sources immediately redirected me to Python and R; however I was wondering why there are almost zero references for Ruby or Rails in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Where I can find...

After searching and refining for a while, I encountered this this excellent blog:
It seems it isn't being updated for a while, but it has some good articles to dig into Machine Learning and it is well explained.

Setting a Good Example

I did the examples of Q-learning and clustering and it was really mind-blowing. I recommend those because they are easy and fun.

Currently I'm playing with Tensorflow for Ruby (here in Github) and training my models with ImageNet in which you can download links of ~15 million photos in a snap. When you are trying to do Machine Learning, getting a lot of reliable data is as equal important as writing good code.

Last Recomendation

Check out this video: Is It Food? from the 2017 RailsConf, which explains a case in which the app has to recognize photos and reject the ones that are not food. I always love when something theoretical and abstract as Machine Learning can be applied in a simple and understandable way.

After playing for a while I think Ruby is more than capable to handle Artificial Intelligence, first of all I shifted my focus more into doing than understanding every little detail. There are a bunch of mathematical gibberish in between something doable and something perfect and as days go by, I becoming more practical about this stuff, sandboxing good already proven libraries to accomplish my goals.

More thoughts and code on this are coming soon!

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